Wednesday, September 15, 2021

WELCOME to Port of PHRF!

WELCOME to Port of PHRF!
Chicago’s Home for PHRF Racing

As quoted by US Sailing, “PHRF is a locally administered handicapped system that uses the perceived speed potential of a yacht as the basis for the handicap. An initial handicap is assigned based on comparison with similar yachts.”

Here at Port of PHRF, we intend to keep you updated on all that
 PHRF Racing has to offer here in Chicago.

We welcome you to join Port of PHRF, discover valuable resources and curriculum, connect with other PHRF racers, post feedback, photos, video, search for crew and see the latest fleet news as well as joining  us on Facebook.

We hope you will find all of the information useful and we hope to provide you with current, up to date, information like never before. We welcome your feedback.

You can email questions, comments or concerns to or just post a comment here.

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